Nano Care’s range of glass-protecting and improvement products constitutes the most comprehensive collection on the smart surfaces market. Once applied, nanoscale protective layers (which are 80,000 times thinner than a human hair) bond with the substrate to leave a smooth, anti-stain, non-discolouring surface layer with anti-mist performance.


The key active ingredient across the superhydrophobic coating range is silicon dioxide, whose molecules’ surface energy is modified by anti-bonding molecules. On glass application, silicon dioxide molecules form the coating, fusing to the glass surface and consequently releasing the anti-bonding molecules. These molecules migrate to the surface, creating an anti-fingerprint finish and ultra-smooth protective outer layer. The molecule migration also changes the status of the glass from high to low energy. This low-energy status is fundamental to the repellent qualities offered by treated glass.

The superhydrophobic coating range offers glass and polished porcelain protection against:

  • Discolouration from contaminated air and traffic pollution.
  • Chemical attack, including oxide corrosion by acid rainwater and damage by alkaline run-off from construction materials (such as cement, concrete and plaster), as well as from fat, grease and oil products.
  • Corrosion by salt and other climatic coastal and marine conditions.
  • Soap scum and limescale build-up.

…and has the following benefits:

  • Invisible glass products are crystal clear and do not change the optical values of glass (except for SG70 for sandblasted glass).
  • UV stability, chemical inertness and extreme durability. Having both hydrophobic and oleophobic capabilities, products will not peel or flake and are unaffected by extreme temperatures.
  • Surfaces are preserved or restored to their original state, becoming highly water repellent.
  • Air and waterborne contaminants are unable to adhere.
  • Cleaning requirements drop by 50-70%.
  • Glass and polished porcelain finishes are retained and will not discolour.
  • Fingerprint marks are prevented or easily removed on sandblasted and etched glass.
  • Products can be applied almost anywhere: on site, at manufacturing premises or in dedicated application centres.
  • Glass protection applications are ideal for limescale removal.
  • Coating prevents condensation and promotes anti-mist performance, ideal for vehicle windscreens.
Condensation disappears from mirrors, glasses and visors: Nanoflex® Anti-Mist

Maintain a clear view when driving – without the need for coating: Nanoflex® Clear View

Fingerprints become invisible on sandblasted glass: Nanoflex® SG70

Limescale and soap scum no longer pose stubborn cleaning problems: Nanoflex® VP12


  • Residential, conservatory and commercial façade glazing
  • Marine glass
  • Shower enclosure glass, glazed tiles and porcelain
  • Automotive glass
  • Solar panels
  • Sandblasted glass
  • Laboratory ware
  • Art glass and mirrors
  • Interior and furniture glass
nano-care glass protection

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