Welcome to Signo-Nanocare: we specialise in the development and manufacture of nanoscale easy-clean and stain-resistant smart coatings. Our product range consists of nano coatings that provide protection for a diverse range of surfaces from cloth to concrete.

Since the year 2000, our multi-national Nano-Care group of companies, from state-of-the-art product development and laboratory testing facilities, has evolved its leading technical knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing of SiO2-based high-performance coatings. Based in Shropshire, we distribute throughout the UK and overseas.

By combining innovative new materials with well-established nano-coating foundation technologies, we create Intelligent Hybrids®: systems (that are setting new benchmarks in a wide range of sectors, right up to our most recently launched permanent anti-bacterial solution.

We work with OEMs to ensure the best methods of application to suit all production processes with ongoing evaluation. Own label customers enjoy the flexibility provided by our in-house bottling and packing capabilities with short lead times to fulfil customer demands. We work with leading brands to deliver enhanced nanotechnology performance.