Germ Wipe-out 365 is powered by Liquid Guard®, the active ingredient of the antimicrobial coating. In independent laboratory tests, it has been certified to kill TGEV Coronavirus and Influenza A on surface contact – download tests here

TGEV Coronavirus has the same “enveloped virus” model structure as the SARS CoV virus, and because Liquid Guard has been shown to be effective against it, we are certain that it is also SARS CoV 2 effective . We have also been advised as such by leading decontamination experts.  Additionally, Liquid Guard’s effectiveness against many other bacterial microbes (see list here) such as  Listeria , Klebsiella pneumoniae (Pneumonia), MRSA and E.coli demonstrates its important contribution to continually reducing the transfer of microbes via the hand-surface-hand route between people and surfaces.

Currently no products can be tested against SARS CoV-2, as commercial testing houses are unable to obtain the strain – which is only held by Govt / Govt sponsored testing houses. See this useful explanatory link here

Germ Wipe-out 365™

Germ Wipe-out 365™ self-disinfecting surface treatment is the newest generation of surface protection that ensures all surfaces stay clean. Germ Wipe-out 365™ not only repels liquid and dirt and prevents micro scratches, it also has an antimicrobial function that kills germs (including bacteria, mould, fungi, algae and yeasts) that come in contact with the treated surface, thus reducing the spread of family infections within the home.

Suggested areas of use in the home:

  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Remote controls, touch screen and keyboard devices
  • Car interiors
  • Mobile phones

Bathroom Wipe-out 365™: –

  • Prevents odours caused by microbes
  • Provides a safe long term anti-bacterial treatment for household surfaces
  • Prevents moulds and fungi growth on smooth & textured surfaces such as work surfaces, screen, key boards and car controls
  • Permanent fungicidal action against infections such as athletes foot – ideal for shower and bathroom hard floors
  • Safe for skin – dermatologically tested, achieving a rating of ‘excellent’ (independently tested)
  • Easy Clean – facilitates the cleaning and removal of household dirt and grime including lime scale and soap residue

How Germ Wipe-out 365™ works

Commonly used anti-bac cleaners typically are unable to prevent mutation of bacteria – so they multiply and become more resistant

Bathroom Wipe-out 365™ uses a radical new anti-bac which physically punctures and kills bacteria, thus preventing mutations and spread of infection

In the form of a glass like coating, the anti-bac permanently bonds to the surface, leaving a layer of  sharp blades which defend against microbial growth

The positively charged atoms of nitrogen attract negatively charged cell membranes and puncture all microbes

Kill Method of Liquid Guard

Germ Wipe-out 365™

self-disinfecting surface treatment

Kit Contents

  • 1 x 30ml bottle of Germ Wipe-out 365™ (bottle labelled Coating)
  • 1 x 30ml bottle of cleaning and polymerising fluid (bottle labelled Cleaner & Primer)
  • 4 x white wipes
  • Gloves
  • Instruction sheet

Covers approximately 3-4m2

Basic application information

For more details please see the packaging insert
  1. Use the Cleaner & Primer spray to degrease and clean the surface thoroughly. It is recommended that the area to be treated is split into 0.25m2 sections and sprayed evenly with 16 pumps of the spray to ensure the best coverage. Polish the liquid in with one of the wipes until the surface is completely evenly covered. Any residual liquid will evaporate in approximately 5 minutes at normal room temperature, leaving the polymer base layer. Only in the case of extreme contamination (or limescale) should a pre-cleaner for a specific type of contamination be used before the cleaning and polymerising spray is applied.
  2. Apply the Coating spray to the pre-treated area, again splitting into areas of 0.25m2 and using 16 pumps per section, polish in with a new wipe as in Step 1 to achieve an even finish.
  3. After 2 mins the surface should be buffed using the same wipe as in Step 2 until all visible streaks disappear. A thorough polishing will be necessary, especially on transparent or shiny surfaces.

After 6 hours the coating is hardened and ready for use.

Reapply after 12 months in heavily cleaned or abraded areas.


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