‘Building protection’ weather resistance coatings are a range of water and dirt repellent spray-on sealants for buildings that preserve, protect and restore multiple building surfaces. Constant innovative product development and hybrid technology have led us to create the most advanced range of environmentally responsible solutions for new and existing buildings.

Breathable sealants for buildings provide non-sacrificial protection against erosion of diverse building surfaces from concrete cladding to historical buildings and monuments. Nano-care coatings create barriers against environmental pollution and extreme weather such as freeze/thaw and UV exposure. Our weather resistant coatings aid appearance retention through 3-fold freeze/thaw resistance EN 1338.

Our water-based, high-strength permanent bond SiO2 anti-graffiti coating repels the permanent staining effects of unwanted graffiti by preventing “ghosting” of the graffiti residue after removal. This non-stick graffiti guard coating facilitates easy graffiti and chewing gum removal from paving.

Water-repellent spray products protect against water ingress and aid waterproofing, thus preventing the growth of moss, lichen and fungus on all porous mineral surfaces. The hydrophobic coating creates a water pressure-resistant finish that sustains building repair and building preservation.

Our dirt repellent and oil repellent coatings resist everyday dirt, road pollution and erosion in urban environments, reducing the perpetual use of harsh cleaning chemicals and therefore minimising the environmental footprint.

With maximum water repellence and self-cleaning performance, porous mineral surfaces retain their appearance: Graffiti Guard™ Appearance Retention Coating
Monuments and old buildings are preserved long-term; stone is strengthened and becomes hydrophobic  PRE 440 Anti-Erosion Coating

Porous mineral surfaces and structures are permanently protected against graffiti: Graffiti Guard ™ Appearance Retention Coating

Thanks to maximum penetration depth and the prevention of moisture ingress, long-lasting protection against rising damp and hydrostatic pressure in masonry are achieved: Infusion Water Barrier

Concrete , stone and paving sealants
SiO2 water repellent building protection products

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