Colourful Graffiti,

Barrier – a new non-stick strategy for unwanted graffiti and fly posters  

Graffiti and fly-posting is considered an ‘environmental crime’ that can spoil the enjoyment of the local environment by its residents and visitors. They lead to areas looking run-down and dilapidated, and research has shown they are often a precursor to more serious crime and anti-social behaviours. Graffiti, if not dealt with, promotes a negative perception…


Mitigation through impregnation – solving the ongoing RAAC issue.

The damage and costly disruption that can be caused when water ingress in buildings is allowed to continue over a sustained period can be financially crippling to authorities and companies alike.  The situation that the education sector and potentially many other public and private building owners find themselves in considering the RAAC inspections is challenging…

Treated sandstone

Flexiguard™ durability tested under ISO 11507 and evidenced in the garden!

Flexiguard is a liquid quartz water-based nano-coating designed to protect porous stone from staining caused from dirt and grime in the environment, but how can you be sure it works? Flexiguard is tested according to ISO 11507 Artificial Weathering methodology in order to measure its active longevity under accelerated UV conditions. Sunlight or more specifically…


New Anti-Soil, Anti-Reflection hydrophilic coating – optimising solar panel performance by 7%

Following a turbulent twelve months in the UK’s energy markets, the installed solar capacity is over 14.4 gigawatt (GW) and growing. While new installations are critical in continuing the transition to non-fossil fuels, maximising the efficiency of existing installations  is of equal if not more importance,  as the vast majority were installed during the ‘feed-in…