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Nano-ceramic products developed with high-level expertise in nanoscale molecular bonding across a breadth of hard substrates. We market a range of high quality ceramic coatings which fulfill multiple purposes within commercial manufacturing, trade and domestic settings, including: vehicle protection, mould release, scratch resistance, non stick, anti-corrosion and easy clean performance.

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The Dura Nano Ceramic Range  provides non-absorbent  paint work, glass, alloy finishes and other non-absorbent surfaces  with outstanding 9H pencil hardness “nano-ceramic” protection, providing long-term easy-clean performance, scratch resistance and protection against oxidisation.

Dura forms an ultra-thin barrier with a strong chemical bond to the OH surface that is permanent, durable and resistant against mechanical (abrasive) and chemical (cleaning) action, UV damage as well as general environmental weathering .

Dura’s performance makes it ideal for preserving and extending the life of many surfaces in the following sectors:-

  • Architecture and building construction – Building facades, interior fixtures and fittings such as stainless steel sinks, cookers and hoods where scratch resistance is paramount to maintaining the long life aesthetics of the surface.
  • Marine – Protects hulls from ageing corrosion, while providing anti-fouling protection, facilitates easy cleaning of saltwater residues.
  • Manufacturing – Machinery in manufacturing processes, especially those exposed to high temperatures ; Dura  can withstand temperatures of up to 1000oc .
  • Automotive Transport – Prevents ageing of bodywork and protects against corrosion; facilitates de-icing and protects surfaces from vandalism, suitable for use on :-
    • Trains
    • Trams
    • Lorries
    • Motorcycles
    • Caravans
    • Motor homes

Dura is available in three strengths:-

  • Dura Lite – lowest concentration of active ingredient
  • Dura VF – standard concentration of active ingredient
  • Dura HD – highest concentration of active ingredient

Product Information

Dura VF Nano Ceramic

Chemical basis: modified pre-ceramic
Layer thickness: approx. 600 – 3000 nm
Water resistance: between 100° and 110° (20μl)
Oil resistance: no
Slip angle: < 20°
Temperature stability: 600°C permanent
Chemical stability: between pH 1 and pH 13
Weather resistance: 3500h pursuant to ISO 11507 A
Durability (mechanical): > 30,000 cycles pursuant to ISO 11998
Salt water resistant: yes
Transparency: 100%
Storage stability: 1 year
Temperature sensitivity: 2°C to 30°C
Consumption: 10 ml/m2
Application: drops of the liquid are applied either on a slightly absorbent cloth or directly to the substrate. Spread across the surface with a light polishing motion. After approx. 1-3 minutes visible streaks are removed with gentle polishing motions. This high-performance coating is waterproof after 24 hours and fully cured after 7 days.
Standard unit sizes: 1 and 10l

bespoke own labelling and fulfilment service

Dura is also available in the ultra-dense version Dura HD and Dura Lite version. The product is solvent-based and has an ammonia-based aroma. It is a hazardous material according to ADR and IATA. This complex technology cannot be diluted.

Please observe the relevant safety data sheet when using Dura Nano Ceramic.

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