Anti-microbial Liquid Guard surface coating system 5l

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic Liquid Guard® antimicrobial coating has had its certification fully verified, its test results scrutinised and been evaluated in field tests by a range of different companies and organisations.   This has insured their confidence insuring their confidence in its ability to reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria through surface contact, significantly reducing risk to their employees and customers alike.

Examples of the types of business that have already used Liquid Guard® antimicrobial coating on their premises are:-

  • Burnley Football Clubs training ground and stadium- see our application video here
  • Corus Hotels
  • Best Western – Wynnstay Hotel and Gym
  • G4S – Government Offices
  • ICA – Institute of Contemporary Art
  • POP Brixton
  • Airports
  • Junior and Senior Schools

The difference between antimicrobial coatings and antimicrobial cleaners

Liquid Guard® offers several clear benefits over regularly used transient spray disinfectants, as listed below:-

Antimicrobial nano-coating Liquid Guard Antimicrobial cleaners / disinfectants
Permanent antimicrobial action, lasts up to 12 months Transient antimicrobial effect lost once surface dries
Non mutagenic Mis-use can cause microbes to mutate and become immune to the chemical
Physical kill Chemical kill
No harsh bleaches necessary for up-keep, can use less hazardous chemicals on going Surfaces may suffer from the aggressive effects of bleach and other strong cleaning chemicals
Prevents recontamination of the surface and mutation Does not prevent recontamination of the surface and mutation
Completely odourless Some contain strong odours
Leaves no trace Can leave residues

A comparison of disinfection protocols between Liquid Guard antimicrobial and transient cleaners

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