Nano Care’s range of easy clean coatings and improvement products constitutes the most comprehensive collection of glass protection products on the smart surfaces market. Once applied, nanoscale protective layers (which are 80,000 times thinner than a human hair) bond with the substrate to leave a smooth, anti-stain, glass sealing surface layer with anti-mist performance.

Solar-glass anti-soil and anti-reflection (AR) coating:

By using an anti- reflection coating Solar (PV) PanelGuard from Nano-Care it is possible to increase the light transmission of the glass panel by 2.5%, whilst also increasing energy yield overall by 6-7%* by repelling environmental pollution – which can itself reduce overall panel effectiveness by between 15-40%. The coating can be applied during manufacturing, as a finish on site or can be used to refurbish existing installations, especially older sites which may not have a anti-reflective coating incorporated within the unit. The coating can also be used on panels that already  have an inbuilt anti-reflective layer to increase the levels of light absorption and therefore energy produced.Not only does Anti-Soil increase light absorption through reducing the amount of light reflected but it also has the capability of keeping the cells surface free from dust, dirt, and air pollution. The nano-coating is hydrophilic and repels all particles.

*See case study here

Easy clean coating technology:

The key active ingredient across the super hydrophobic glass coating products range is silicon dioxide, whose molecules’ surface energy is modified by anti-bonding molecules. On glass coating application, quartz molecules form the coating, fusing to the glass surface and consequently releasing the anti-bonding molecules. These molecules migrate to the surface, creating an anti-fingerprint finish and ultra-smooth protective outer layer. The molecule migration also changes the status of the glass from high to low energy. This low-energy status is fundamental to the repellent qualities offered by treated glass.

The super hydrophobic coating range offers glass and polished porcelain protection against:

  • Discolouration from contaminated air and traffic pollution.
  • Chemical attack, including oxide corrosion by acid rainwater and damage by alkaline run-off from construction materials (such as cement, concrete and plaster), as well as from fat, grease and oil products.
  • Corrosion by salt and other climatic coastal and marine conditions.
  • Soap scum and limescale build-up.

Easy clean coating benefits:

  • Invisible glass sealants are crystal clear and do not change the optical values of glass (except for SG70 for sandblasted glass).
  • UV stability, chemical inertness and extreme durability. Having both hydrophobic and oleophobic capabilities, products will not peel or flake and are unaffected by extreme temperatures.
  • Surfaces are preserved or restored to their original state, becoming highly water repellent.
  • Air and waterborne contaminants are unable to adhere.
  • Cleaning requirements drop by 50-70%.
  • Glass and polished porcelain finishes are retained and will not discolour.
  • Fingerprint marks are prevented or easily removed on sandblasted and etched glass.
  • Products can be applied almost anywhere: on site, at manufacturing premises or in dedicated application centres.
  • Glass protection applications are ideal for limescale removal.
  • Coating prevents condensation and promotes anti-mist performance, ideal for vehicle windscreens.
Condensation disappears from mirrors, glasses and visors: Anti-Mist Glass Coating

Maintain a clear view when driving – without the need for coating: Clear View Ultra-Hydrophobic Coating

Fingerprints become invisible on sandblasted glass: Sandblasted Glass Coating (SG 70)

Limescale and soap scum no longer pose stubborn cleaning problems: Glassguard™ (VP12) Easy Clean Glass Coating


  • Residential, conservatory and commercial façade glazing
  • Marine glass
  • Shower enclosure glass, glazed tiles and porcelain
  • Automotive glass
  • Solar panels
  • Sandblasted glass
  • Laboratory ware
  • Art glass and mirrors
  • Interior and furniture glass

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