Liquid Guard® Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2) update 26th February 2021

Liquid Guard has now been tested for effectiveness SARS-CoV-2 virus.  This test reports adds to the existing TGEV Coronavirus certification.  These results further demonstrate Liquid Guards’ performance against enveloped viruses and continued testing on SARS-CoV-2 for early 2021 is planned.

With ongoing pandemic restrictions likely to stretch well into 2021 Liquid Guard® has an invaluable role in actively helping to break the transfer of transient microbes via hand-surface-hand contact, especially in high touch areas that are hard to clean between ‘touches’.

Liquid Guard® has been applied to many hundreds of thousands of m2 in the last 10 months in a multitude of  venues in both public and private sectors:-

  • London galleries – ICA – Pall Mall
  • Burnley Football club training ground and stadium-  Burnley FC application video
  • Airports
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Schools
  • UK Govt Offices

As part of the verification of Liquid Guards® effectiveness and on-going performance,  ATP field testing is widely used by end users and application contractors on treated surfaces; see the table below of “real life” field test results:-

ATP Tabel 2

Essential nanotechnology surface coatings for manufacturers, chemical distributors and users of high-tech surface finishes

Welcome to Nano-Care UK (Signo Nanocare UK Ltd).

As a member of the Nano-Care AG group, we create invisible high-performance nanotechnology coatings. By working to the highest standards in bionics and process engineering we aim to provide business with a competitive edge by improving performance through smart coating technology

As a mid-sized company with a focus on cutting-edge nano-science and high quality, we are able to facilitate innovation and thus set new benchmarks in multiple market sectors quickly and efficiently.

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By using our products

Surfaces gain antimicrobial properties

Concrete, natural stone and brick repel dirt, remaining lichen and moss free

Misting is no longer an issue on glass and mirrors

Outdated C8 fluorocarbons are easily replaced with high-performance environmentally responsible alternatives

Surfaces retain their original appearance whilst functionality is enhanced

Textiles repel oil and water-based contaminates
Plastics become easier to clean and more resistant to abrasion and weathering

Building materials retain their appearance and strength, becoming corrosion and graffiti-resistant

Textile odours are permanently neutralised

Glass and stainless steel are fingerprint-resistant

Use of everyday cleaning biocides is reduced

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