To comprehensively meet the car sealant and detailing requirements of the varied automotive market, our range of protective coatings provides solutions for multiple coatings for cars, textile and leather protection. Offering the highest-performance nano-ceramics for bodywork, plastics, glass and alloys, screen and car-wash products, and a range of easy-clean oil and water stain-resistant products for upholstery, carpets and leather fittings, we truly move with automotive!

Available in bulk or a range of smaller unit sizes, this collection of coatings offers car dealerships, car detailers and car care enthusiasts the highest-quality, easiest to apply product specifications on the car detailing market.

Whether used for new vehicle protection or post-sale car care, these nano coating products offer distinct benefits, such as quick application, lack of noxious fumes (due to clean environmental credentials) and quick drying.

Condensation disappears from mirrors, glasses and visors: Anti-Mist Glass Coating

Maintain a clear view when driving – without the need for coating: Clear View Ultra-Hydrophobic Coating

Our high-performance ceramic coatings are ultra-permanent; end-users can easily apply them to almost any non-absorbent surface: Dura Nano Ceramic Range

Improved visibility = safer driving = quicker reactions: Glassguard™ (VP12) Easy Clean Glass Coating

Protect leather from moisture and keep it supple: L-Care Range 

Spray invisible protection on upholstery: Tex Water Repellent Textile Coating Range
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