Liquid Guard® protects all hard surfaces through lasting active “full-kill” anti-microbial performance. Liquid Guard® implementation helps to reduce infection in communal ‘danger zones’ where effective nanotechnology protection makes complete sense. Examples of such areas are: restaurant self-ordering terminals, sanitary and medical environments and children’s education facilities, breaking the hand-surface-hand cycle of infection.

Molybsan® is a nano coating for surfaces that require constant cleaning upkeep to ensure maximum hygiene but may not be as pivotal to health and safety as surfaces that require Liquid Guard® antibacterial protection. The Molybsan® range is a collection of nanoscale permanent bond repellents and cleaners that comprehensively remove bacteria to reduce the spread of infection.

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Molybsan® is for areas where anti-bacterial use may be considered unnecessary, yet where it would be advantageous and makes common sense for the regular cleaning regime to achieve a comprehensive removal of bacteria. The range is a collection of permanent bond repellents and cleaners which fulfil that role.

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