The non-absorbent surface range contains intelligent coatings for a broad range of non-porous surfaces, including glass, ceramics, stainless steel, plastic and granite. The nano coatings permanently adhere  to surfaces, providing easy-clean performance against a wide range of contaminants, reducing cleaning interval times and avoiding the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.*

The non-porous range may be applied as a part of in-line automated or manual manufacturing processes, or by the end-user in kit format through own-label formats.

Application potential across this range is truly diverse: options span from Anti Mist glass coating applications  to Clear View ultra hydrophobic coating window protection, to fully automated polished stone work-top stain prevention applications with the Dura range, and manually-applied permanent “easy-clean” external glass applications with Glassguard™ (VP12) easy clean glass coating .

*Excluding Clear View and Anti-Mist

Examples of non-absorbent surface applications:

  • Plastic sports equipment
  • Plastic furniture/ outdoor furniture
  • Plastic finishes in/on vehicles
  • Synthetic work tops
  • Laminate finishes



Condensation disappears from mirrors, glasses and visors:  Anti-Mist Glass Coating

Maintain a clear view when driving – without the need for coating:  Clear View Ultra-Hydrophobic Coating

Fingerprints become invisible on sandblasted glass: Sandblasted Glass Coating SG70

Our high-performance ceramic coatings are ultra-permanent; end-users can easily apply them to almost any non-absorbent surface: Dura Range 

Limescale and soap scum no longer poses stubborn cleaning problems: Glassguard™ (VP12) Easy Clean Glass Coating

Polished porcelain is permanently protected against dirt and cement residue: Top Ceram® RAK
nano coatings for non-absorbent surfaces

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