While the misuse of antimicrobials has rendered a number of them ineffective, thousands of viruses and infections rapidly spread through hand contact on commonly-held equipment and surfaces every day.

With this in mind, what would be the most pragmatic product policy for a protective coatings manufacturer seeking to discourage antimicrobial misuse whilst proactively reducing infection?

Our breakthrough technology, which combines the durability of our nanoscale silicon dioxide active ingredient with new cell-busting antimicrobial technology, has led to the ground-breaking introduction of our self-disinfecting coating, Liquid Guard®.

Liquid Guard® is a ‘stay clean’ wipe-on glass coating that provides long-term “full-kill” antimicrobial performance on all hard surfaces. This nano coating is ideal in communal ‘danger zones’ where bacteria thrive and infections spread. Liquid Guard® antimicrobial coating protects service users against the following diseases: SARS CoV 2, Influenza A, TGEV Coronavirus, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli, Salmonella choleraesuis, Aspergillus niger, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterococcus hirae. It is important to protect against these microbes in a number of settings, including:

  • Any high touch surfaces including; multiple-contact key pads and input terminals such as fast food restaurants, building entry key pads & card payment terminals
  • Public transport bus, train and tram doors, seating and hand rails
  • Elderly care facilities
  • Office, factory and mobile work settings including electrical office equipment
  • Hotel, leisure and retail sectors including gym equipment, shopping trolleys/baskets etc.
  • Sanitary equipment
  • Treatment surfaces in medical and veterinary surgeries
  • Equipment and surfaces in children’s nurseries
Nano care antimicrobial

Liquid Guard®: invisible hygiene and abrasion protection defend against micro scratches on glass or plastic, guaranteeing zero limitations to usability of keyboards and input devices.

Liquid Guard®: for use in elderly & child care settings, where communal areas are touched by many.

Liquid Guard®: easy-clean hygiene treatment for bathroom ceramics, toilet lids, sanitary surfaces, and bathroom utensils (e.g. taps, shower heads, and hoses)

Liquid Guard®: permanent hygiene for phones, keyboards, and other input devices that are in regular use.

Liquid Guard®: for use on all non-absorbent surface 'hot spots'.

Liquid Guard®: certified to kill Influenza A and TGEV Coronavirus on surface contact.

Liquid Guard®: nano coating creates an invisible physical barrier to destroy microbes: the positively-charged nitrogen atom attracts negatively-charged cell membranes and punctures all microbes.


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