Flexiguard™ Stone and Paving Sealer

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Flexiguard™Stone & Paving Sealer, is a stain-resistant formula specifically designed to coat porous silicate substrates such as stone, concrete, terracotta and clay.  Once applied the protective layer 100 nm thick bonds with the inner pores of the substrate to leave a smooth, anti-stain, non-discolouring surface layer.

N.B All 1 litre bottles are shipped with a tamper evident screwtop.  Trigger sprays are available to purchase.



Flexiguard™ Stone & Paving Sealer establishes a nanoscale breathable 3D coating on absorbent surfaces such as concrete, brick, stone and terracotta. Surfaces permanently repel water ingress, dirt, moss, lichen and fungus for a functional lifespan of over ten years.* Once coated, the materials exhibit 3-fold freeze and thaw resistance (EN1338).

Flexiguard™ Stone & Paving Sealer  adhesion to the OH surface guarantees exceptional permanence against weathering, mechanical and chemical abrasion, making it ideal for use on monuments, steps, war memorials and statues, as well as garden ornaments and fountains.

The coating is water based, VOC free and eco friendly, making it ideal for use on garden features and safe and easy to apply from a contractor point of view.

Flexiguard™ is part of the ‘building protection’ range of water-repellent spray SiO2 products that preserve, protect and restore multiple building surfaces. These weather resistance coatings are often used in building repair and building preservation processes. Continuous product development using hybrid technology and innovative techniques has created the most advanced range of dirt repellent and oil repellent solutions for new and existing buildings.

For a more concentrated product please look at Graffiti Guard™ Nanoflex® AG System

*Note that the initially strong pearling effect can diminish with use due to the deposit of fine dust particles. However, this in no way impairs the protection.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Chemical basis:

modified silicon dioxide

Layer thickness:

approx. 100 – 150 nm

Water resistance:

between 130° and 150° (20µl)

Oil resistance:

between 120° and 130 ° (20µl)

Slip angle:

not applicable

Chemical stability:

between pH 1 and pH 13

Temperature stability:

250 ° C permanent , 450° C peak

Weather resistance:

3500h pursuant to ISO 11507 A

Durability (mechanical):

depending on substrate

Salt Water resistant:




Storage stability:

2 years

Temperature sensitivity:

1°C to 30°C


80 – 150ml/m²


The liquid is applied to the surface using standard pump spray systems. If the substrate doesn’t instantly absorb the liquid, roller application is advised to ensure uniform wetting. The coating dries quickly (depending on atmospheric conditions) and is fully cured after 24 hours. It can also be used after in-depth impregnation of the surface with Nanoflex® Infusion. The primary treatment should air-dry for 5 days before Nanoflex® AG0.25 is used as a final coat.


30ml, 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L


This is a non hazardous product.

Application Video

Application Instructions

Nanoflex® AG.25 and AG System (Flexiguard™ and GraffitiGuard™)

1) The liquid is applied to the surface using standard pump spray systems.

2) If the substrate doesn’t instantly absorb the liquid, roller application is advised to ensure uniform wetting.

3) The coating is will dry according to conditions after approx’ 30 minutes – and can then be walked on, and is fully cured after 24 hours.

Use a clean lint free cloth for application and wear gloves

Flexiguard™ (Nanoflex® AG.25)


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