With ‘home grown’ energy at the forefront of everyone’s minds,  what if there was a way of getting an extra 2.5% efficiency out of the UK’s 14Gw solar panels without capital expenditure – purely by reducing light lost through reflection?

Panels can only use the light that they can absorb and the two biggest issues that affect absorption rates are:

  • Reflection
  • Dirt, dust and environmental pollution

Solar panel reflection or glare happens because panels are efficient at absorbing light perpendicular to them but much less efficient when the light is at a low angle (seasonally this occurs more in the winter). Glare is not only a nuisance to neighbours but is wasted revenue.

By using an anti-reflection coating Solar (PV) PanelGuard from Nano-Care it’s possible to increase light absorption by 2.5%.

The coating can be applied during manufacturing, as a finish on site, or can be used to refurbish existing installations, especially older sites which may not have an anti-reflective finish incorporated within the unit. The coating can also be used on panels that already have an inbuilt anti-reflective layer to increase the levels of light absorption and therefore energy produced.

Not only does Solar (PV) PanelGuardincrease light absorption through reducing the amount of light reflected, but it also keeps the cells’ surface free from dust, dirt, and air pollution. The nano-coating is hydrophilic and therefore repels all dirt particles.

By using Solar (PV) PanelGuardcleaning becomes easier due to the repellent nature of the coating, the time between wash down can be extended. (Add. Recent South African case study demonstrates Combined with the reduction in contamination, this will typically lead to an overall increase in energy yield of 6-7%).

The dual benefits of Solar (PV) PanelGuardof increasing light absorbance by 2.5% while repelling everyday dirt ensures a high return on investment over the lifespan of an installation – allowing an amortisation of the investment between 6 months and 3 years (depending on the electricity price in any regional market).

Take a look at how repellent Solar (PV) PanelGuardis in our video.