Glass Applications

Nano-Care, specialists in easy clean nano coating technology, have made a substantial stride in heightening their profile over the last few months, while also being increasingly recognised not just for providing a viable alternative, but as a leading contender within the glass protection industry.

OEMs are quickly recognising the major benefits of the Nano-Care range which will allow manufacturers to diversify their coated product portfolios.  Whilst Activ and Clearshield have raised perceptions across the industry in respect of the ‘easy clean’ market they have certain drawbacks in respect of application/use and performance.

Nanoflex SG70_small

Nano-Care has are increasingly seeing demand from processors who have grasped not only the key benefits of simplified quick application and unit cost reduction compared to the alternatives, but also the subsequent opportunity to add value to a broad range of glass types, across diverse product areas such as balustrades, furniture glass, and of course exterior  units.

The growing awareness and profile of Nano-Care as a leading nano coatings specialist has been reinforced by recent product developments which have been extremely well received by the industry.

Simon Mercer Director at Nano-Care comments, “Products such as Activ have raised market awareness regarding our own ‘liquid glass’ solutions and improved cleaning performance however, it is clear from recent interest shown by OEMs that the time has come to provide the market with a quickly applied, highly durable, low unit cost easy clean/ anti lime-scale solution that will considerably reduce production costs and broaden their business potential.”

By comparison to other products on the market Nano-Care’s Nanoflex® VP12 Glassguard™ instant and permanent bonding is neither slippery to handle nor difficult to apply and does not require copious amounts of water to be used for rinsing. As Nanoflex® VP12 Glassguard™ completely eliminates the slow, tedious curing process, this ultimately reduces lead times and makes handling far easier. The Nano-Care range can be applied using a simple application kit which offers cost reductions in respect of application equipment.

Over the years, Nano-Care has established a reputation for quality and proven performance with leading roof brands and processors.  Now the company is reinforcing the technical merits of the range as well as the potential it offers manufacturers.

Nanoflex® VP12 Glassguard™ has gained a considerable presence in the ‘easy clean’ sector, whilst Nano-Care continue to make strident technological moves forward, such as the recent development of a VOC free version of the brand. Many fabricators and processors are keen on the ranges’ fundamental benefits; a high quality easy clean glass improvement which bonds and dries in seconds, costs under £1 per metre square to apply and can allow glass to be despatched immediately after coating if necessary. The optical values of the glass are preserved whilst resistance is provided against organic and inorganic contaminates reducing the need for cleaning by up to 70%. The coating is silicon friendly, saltwater resistant, and is available with a ten-year wear warranty subject to pre-cleaning conditions.

Simon Mercer concludes, “We have further established our market position and we are confident that we offer a clear advantage over competitive products that will help to strengthen our customers’ businesses.  We can state that our technically advanced products are more practical to apply to all glass types, outperforming others on the market in terms of durability, performance and cost.  The Nano-Care team is committed to providing innovative solutions to an ever-changing market.”