Glass Protection Products

Signo Nanocare’s range of glass-protecting and improvement products constitutes the most comprehensive collection on the smart surfaces market. Once applied, nanoscale protective layers (which are 80,000 times thinner than a human hair) bond with the substrate to leave a smooth, anti-stain, non-discolouring surface layer with permanent easy-clean performance.

The hydrophobic coating range offers glass, polished porcelain and other vitreous surfaces protection against:

  • Discolouration from contaminated air and traffic pollution.
  • Chemical attack, including oxide corrosion by acid rainwater and damage by alkaline run-off from construction materials (such as cement, concrete and plaster) as well as from fat, grease and oil products.
  • Corrosion by salt and other climatic coastal and marine conditions.
  • Soap scum,  limescale and general dirt build up.

1l Glassguard and Pre-Clean Glassguard™ 
Nanoflex® VP12 or as its better known – Glassguard™- gives non-absorbent, mineral surfaces such as glass, ceramic, stainless steel, polished porcelain or polished natural stone a reliable non-stick easy-clean performance. Once applied, a protective layer of 120-nm thick bonds with the substrate to leave an anti-stain, anti-fingerprint finish. For information on commercial application  Click here


Pre-Clean Surface Cleaner and Degreaser

Pre-Clean is a residue cleaning preparation for optimising Glassguard™ and can be used on all types of glass such as, shower glass and car windscreens.

Pre-Clean is an alcohol based cleaner, and it’s use is required before coating application in order to de-grease and pre-clean the surface. Any contamination on the surface will impede the coating from bonding.

Click here to view the Glassguard™ application video


Nanoflex ® SG 70  is an invisible glass coating that has been specially developed for use on sandblasted or etched glass. The smart coating gives glass a permanent anti-fingerprint finish that prevents glass aesthetics from1l SG70 Sandblasted and etched glass

being compromised either during installation or during its lifetime. It is extremely quick and easy to apply.  Click here for more information  or you can view the Nanoflex® SG 70 application video here



The Showerguard™ kit is the most revolutionary and durable labour saving product available in bathroom glass protection.  Showerguard™ provides protection for shower enclosure glass, glazed ceramic tiles,  porcelain and mirrors. Easy maintenance for new and existing bathroom furniture with the strongest and most durable glass improvement system available. Click here so see the kits. or to see how easy it is to apply in our application video click here.

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