Showerguard™ Easy Clean home application kit

Showerguard™ – new fluorine free formulation

The Showerguard™ easy-clean kit for shower glass has been protecting new and rejuvenating the nations existing showers for over thirteen years. Customers have loved its ability to bring old shower glass and ceramic glazed tiles quickly and easily back to life after build-up of limescale and contamination. By repelling limescale, soap scum and dirt, Showerguard™…

Optiperl fluorine free treated surface

Go Greener with Optiperl fluorine free nano-coating.

Nanoflex ® Optiperl is a fluorine free nano-coating for use on glass and ceramic surfaces, giving surfaces a finish that has a high degree of hydrophobic and dirt repellence – delivering water-glide performance .  The optimised hydrophobic quality of the coating ensures that dirt particles rarely adhere to the coated substrate. With a vastly reduced need…

Olive oil on a nano-ceramic treated kitchen counter

Keeping your kitchen looking good for longer.

Who doesn’t love looking for a new kitchen – the pleasure of flicking through magazines and brochures, deciding on the style, colour, finishes and appliances? Once chosen, we live through the temporary inconvenience of fitting and hey presto – our beautiful new kitchen shines brightly! But, in the real-life family situations involving children, pets, dirty…


Keeping your bathroom looking good for longer.

Based on current trends, homeowners update their bathrooms cosmetically roughly every four-five years. However, based on the lifetime of bathroom fixtures and fittings, they may in fact change their bathtub or shower system every 15-20 years. The challenge to homeowners is, how can they maintain the new look and feel of their bathroom long after…

Ceramic cooker & granite worktop

Signo-Nanocare launches fluorine-free nano-coating for glass and ceramic at KBB 2022.

March 6-9th 2022 will see the biannual return of KBB to the NEC. Covering four halls, it’s the largest exhibition dedicated to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom trade in Europe. It expects to attract over 15,000 visitors who come to view the newest trends in design, colour and innovation. Following on from COP26, there will…