New anti-viral nano coating technology used in gym’s

New anti-viral nano coating technology provides gym’s and leisure centres with a long term physical microbial kill on contact.

No-one disputes the health and wellbeing benefits that gyms and leisure facilities provide to their members in terms of physical activity, mental stimulation, and social interaction. However, under the current easing of lockdown they are still shut and not likely to open until the end of July at the earliest. This is due to concerns…

image depicting germ transfer through hand surface hand transmission

The hand-surface-hand transfer of viruses and bacteria was here before Coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) and will be long after.

Hand-surface-hand transfer didn’t start with Sars CoV-2, nor will it end with it! The fundamental role of hand-surface-hand transfer has also come to into sharp focus, with varying reports that SARS CoV-2 can last from a few hours to days on hard surfaces, which has led the public to be more conscious about what they…

Bacteria are easily transferred on shared keyboards

Liquid Guard® Permanent anti-bac: “Prevention over cure” in the commercial environment.

In recent years there has been a steep increase in the number of building operators offering ‘rent a desk’ or shared office working facilities. These trends build on the traditional system of one floor, one company occupancy, but what links these evolving styles of use in commercial space is the communal areas that continue to…

Olive oil on quartz surface

The Nano-Science Behind Permanent Stain Protection

Specialist protective coatings manufacturer Signo-Nanocare UK may not spring to mind as a major player within the tile and stone protection market. Ranked in the world’s top ten nano-coating developers and producers Signo-Nanocare UK focus on supplying hi-spec’ permanent bond, easy clean solutions to stone and tile manufacturers. They provide the technology behind “life-time” stain…

Cleaning with Liquid Guard Nano coating

Nano coatings: A new front-line weapon in the war against “Influenza A” & transient microorganisms around care homes.

The optimisation of infection control is high on the agenda of all involved in health care; by achieving it, the health and wellbeing of patients as well as staff and visitors is positively affected. However, maintaining bacterial and viral free surfaces is challenging, as every human touch transfers microorganisms to and from surfaces to the…

Hand-surface-hand germ transfer of viruses

Breaking the chain of infection surface by surface 24/7- 365 days.

Care home managers and proprietors who are looking to optimise infection control and break the ever-challenging chain of infection can now turn to Signo Nanocare UK’s newly launched wipe-on self-disinfection surface coating Liquid Guard®. The coating is effortlessly applied as part of your regular deep clean routines, giving every surface a year-long shield against the…

Cleaning with Liquid Guard®

Revolutionary anti-bac coating offers nursery & childcare facilities outstanding germ protection.

Nursery owners who are looking to optimise the health and well-being of both the children in their care and their staff can now look to Signo Nanocare UK’s new self-disinfection wipe on surface protection Liquid Guard®.The easily applied anti-bac coating will provide long-term protection against the spread of bacterial and fungal pathogens that settle on…