Dura Nano-ceramic range

30ml Samples now available.

We understand that selecting the right coating can be difficult when there are different options and strengths within one range. Optimising performance and best value is key. Often the only way to achieve this balance is to evaluate in situ what meets specification and best fits application and production processes. This now becomes much easier through…

Water beads

What’s the difference between a nano-ceramic & a nano-coating?

As nano-coatings grow in popularity and availability in numerous sectors, the term “nano-ceramics” has entered the space – particularly in association with the automotive sector, where these terms are often interchangeable. So what is a nano-ceramic, what are their benefits and how do they sit within the nano-coatings category? Simon Mercer of Signo-Nanocare UK Ltd,…

Returning to the office after Covid

Polarised opinions on the lifting of lockdown restrictions and how to stay safe.

As the majority of legal lockdown restrictions lift throughout England, a collective sigh of relief is breathed by many. However, as has pervaded all national guidance  during this pandemic, there is a BUT….  There are still people and families who have grave concerns about their own or family’s safety, and the fact that the laws…

Red microfibre cloth

‘We must learn to live with Covid’ Boris Johnson – but how do we do that in a financially sustainable manner?

Following the announcement from the UK Government, the final easing of lockdown measures will be delayed by four weeks until the 19th July. The aim is to allow the vaccination programme to be accelerated so that 89% of adults will have had one dose and 76% will have had both, helping reduce the cases of…

Easy Clean Coatings for Glass and Glazing

Clearly a comprehensive glass protection product range.

Signo Nanocare’s range of glass-protecting and improvement products constitutes the most comprehensive collection on the smart surfaces market. Once applied, nanoscale protective layers (which are 80,000 times thinner than a human hair) bond with the substrate to leave a smooth, anti-stain, non-discolouring surface layer with permanent easy-clean performance. The hydrophobic coating range offers glass, polished…


Creating safer shared holiday spaces through self-disinfection technology to protect customers.

With hotels and B&B’s being able to open from the 17th May, combined with the recent easing of border restrictions between Wales, England and Scotland, demand for staycations is increasing exponentially.  The Camping and Caravanning Club saw its membership increase by a third in March alone and the website Properties.com has seen the demand for…