G4S Invest in a “constant kill” Surface Coating Against SARS CoV-2

G4S is an extensive global service provider with operations in over 80 countries and employing over 530,000 people, making it the world’s third largest private employer.  Its UK operations are equally impressive with 10,000 UK customers serviced by 25,000 employees across a wide range of sectors, from security, custodial and rehabilitation services, to facilities and…

Elevator buttons can be high germ transfer areas

Imperial College London (ICL) Institute of Molecular Science & Engineering briefing paper titled ‘Smart surfaces to tackle infection and antimicrobial resistance.’

Imperial College London (ICL) Institute of Molecular Science and Engineering published a very timely briefing paper titled ‘Smart surfaces to tackle infection and antimicrobial resistance.’ Back in March 2020, when it began to dawn on us just how much SARS CoV-2 was going to affect the way we went about our daily lives, the Imperial…

Transmission of SARS CoV-2 Via a door handle

Transmission of SARS CoV-2 via surfaces study by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Everyone is keeping everything crossed for the 22nd February when the UK Government will outline its plan for exiting lock down and we all hope that life can return to some semblance of normality, even if it’s just resembles the “normal” of last summer! Signs are positive with the number of daily positive tests dropping,…

Students and travelers using public transport for commuting. Covid-19 and CoronaVirus concept. People wearing masks on the train.

Science Direct Peer reviewed study of SAR CoV-2 inside public transport – findings and conclusions.

The briefing paper ‘Tracing surface and airborne SARS CoV-2 RNA inside public buses and subway trains’ published by Science Direct, examines the prevalence of SARS CoV-2 RNA inside buses and subway trains. The study took place in Barcelona between May and July 2020 and used surface swabs of frequently touched surfaces inside buses and subway…

Burnley football shirt

Liquid Guard® antimicrobial application at Burnley FC

Throughout the pandemic, we have worked with a plethora of companies whose key objectives  have been to keep their employees, visitors and customers as safe as possible.  Measures have included the creation of work team bubbles, separation screens, extensive use of sanitisers and social distancing. These have contributed to reducing the person to person transmission…

home transfer of SARS CoV-2

Liquid Guard® demonstrates proven antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2

Liquid Guard® has been tested for its effectiveness against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Whilst already proven effective against other enveloped viruses, we are pleased to announce that independent laboratory testing in one of the earliest commercial releases of the virus is now complete.  Liquid Guard® provides an additional measure of hygiene between cleaning/ disinfection cycles; the…

Anti-microbial Germ Wipe-Out 365 kit

Germ Wipe-out 365™ next generation antimicrobial surface protection available online

Antimicrobial Germ Wipe-out 365™ is ‘powered by Liquid Guard®‘, the newest generation of surface protection making any surface ‘self-disinfecting’ through the antimicrobial action of this wipe-on glass coating.   It kills viruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi on surface contact ensuring everyday household surfaces stay clean and don’t transmit germs between family members. By helping to…

Hand-surface-hand germ transfer of viruses

Antimicrobial nano-coating certified to kill enveloped viruses on contact – 24/7 365 days of the year.  

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the focus on decontamination, deep cleaning, general cleaning and hourly top up cleans have become a mainstay of daily routines for care homes. Irrespective of whether you use a contract cleaning company or your own in-house team, the time needed to clean effectively is not inconsiderable, nor is the disruption to the residents.   Advice on cleaning solutions in…

Anti-microbial Liquid Guard surface coating system 1l

Is it time to switch to antimicrobial nano-coatings to meet Covid secure regulations?

Over recent months, we have heard the term ‘Covid secure’ being banded around in relation to workplaces, retail outlets and leisure facilities, all with the aim of getting the economy moving after lock-down. The Government has issued fourteen guides covering all types of workplaces from offices, fleets of vehicles to home visits.  Theses guides are…